Say goodbye to the boring old lamp. Check out these nifty high-tech versions that just might embrace your inner geek.


A new twist on lamps, this “decorative Lego table top lamp” from KNG America has a buildable Lego lamp base, storage drawer, play area, and a knights graphics shade. [Source]


Designed by Buro Vormkrijgers, the MIC is a tubular shaped LED powered lamp that has telescopic detachable “legs” for maximum portability. Its pmma-lense emits an ambient glow, ideal for reading a book or creating atmosphere. [Source]

USB-Powered Camping Lamp

File this under: “Strange USB Gadgets” In addition to being a USB-powered camping lamp, it also functions as an FM radio. For those who don’t want to lug their notebook (computer) around when camping, you can insert 3 x AAA batteries to keep it running. Other perks include a 3.5mm headphone jack and retractable antenna.

If you’re the type who never really disconnects even while shacking up in the woods, this handy USB camping lamp should fit right into your electronic arsenal of must-have campout gear

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The iLamp

The iLamp is not only a functional desk lamp, it boasts an iPod dock and built-in stereo speakers. That’s not all, the iLamp comes in six different designs, each with unique bulbs and wacky names, priced at a reasonable $89USD.

…you can plug in other players, too — anything with a headphone jack, really. There are even versions of the iLamp Collection that include desktop organizers so you have a place for your pens, clips and other small items

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Barry Table Lamp

At the push of a button, this egg-shaped “Barry Table Lamp” opens up to reveal a circle of LEDs — with their light diffused by reflective surfaces inside the lid for an ambient glow.

The futuristic-looking light resembles a big egg, and most likely a soft-boiled one since it has a chunk of the sphere sliced off to serve as a “lid.”


All-in-One Multimedia Lamp

Put simply, this is the perfect all-in-one desk lamp — if you don’t mind the bulk. The SCANA SSP-015T features built-in speakers, a 3-step air purification system, and an MP3/PMP connector. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced. [Source]

Herman Miller LED Leaf Light

Liven up your workspace with Herman Miller’s LED Leaf Light, which combines a metallic crane body with an energy-saving LED. Simple yet very stylish.

Got a fancy designer desk but only have a crappy Ikea lamp to go on top? Grab this Herman Miller LED Leaf-Light and decorate your office in style


Computer Table Lamp

Prisma has created a table lamp concept that doubles as a portable computer. From the images, it looks to feature a top-loading disc drive, touchscreen display, and well integrated ports.

DVD, photos, music, internet, TV, computer: Media Centers are fueling the migration of PCs in our living room. This created a design to rethink the design boundaries of these objects


CD Lamp

If you’ve got hundreds of old AOL discs laying around, why not put them to good use? This creation was made from a pile of old CDs, an ATX power supply, and a custom circular base.

“The pile of CDs that had been massing in my room was growing to epic proportions. So I decided to make myself a CD lamp. The circular base was actually cut using a template on a table saw, then sanded after clamping it in a drill press. The cold cathode lamp is from NewEgg. “


Computer Controlled LED Lamp

The “headLamp” consists of “about 300 leds soldered into a metal colander (like you use for straining noodles)” and are “wired to a circuit and controlled by the [computer’s] parallel port”.

The iTunes plugin is written to accept sample data from iTunes when a song is playing, which takes the form of an integer between 0 and 128. The plugin operates under the assumption that a rhythmic beat is likely to send a higher value, around 120. If a sample value over 120 is sent, the plugin changes the lamp’s state based on preprogramed patterns like rotations, buildups, etc.