Want to speed up Windows XP or make web pages load faster? We’ve got three hacks that you (probably) didn’t know about after the break.

Lightning Fast Browsing (Firefox / Internet Explorer)

Want “lightning fast browsing” in Firefox and Internet Explorer? Then just follow the easy steps show in the video above.

Speed up Windows

“Gudimov” shows us how to speed up Windows by optimizing your Windows swap file.

Make Windows XP Boot Faster

“G” shows us how to make Windows XP boot faster by tweaking prefetch values in the registry. More information here. Here’s how prefetch works (courtesy of Intelliadmin):

Yesterday you used MS Word, and Duke Nukem 3D. Today you boot your system to check e-mail. It sees parts of these two programs in the prefetch folder and loads them into memory before windows completes the boot process. The benefit is faster application launch times. If you really wanted to use MS Word, it would pop up really quick when you double clicked on it