One quick way to pump some life into your MacBook is by using it as a MacSaber. That’s not the only cool mod you’ll find in this feature, hit the jump for more.

MacBook Pro Disco Keyboard

Alan used an iTunes visualizer plugin to make his MacBook Pro keyboard backlight flicker to the music.

Using an iTunes visualizer plugin from I dimmed the backlight on the screen for better visibility of the keyboard, but the plugin can also flash the screen backlight with the music



If you’re a Star Wars fan, check out MacSaber — software that uses the MacBook’s motion sensor to turn it “into a Jedi weapon almost worthy of taking on the real thing by making authentic lightsaber sound effects.” Download here.

It senses speed for the lightsaber movement sounds and acceleration for different levels of striking sounds

Mac Mini Portable MkIII

Created by Peter Green, this UMPC-like device is actually a portable Mac Mini that sports an Intel Core Solo 1.5Ghz processor, 60GB HDD, and 512MB RAM.

The MMP MkIII is the LIGHTEST Macintosh portable ever made at just 1.9Kg including batteries. This ‘UMPC’ has a 3 hour battery life, integrated 8″ touch screen tablet with hand writing recognition supported by ‘Ink, full Blue Tooth, Airport, full SPDIF audio in/out and Front Row capabilities, on screen touch keyboard – no hardware keyboard required


Have a broken Mac laying around? Turn it into a nifty Macquarium like the example above. [Source]

LEGO Macintosh

File this under: “strange Lego creations” This fully functional Lego Macintosh took months of hard work and nearly 500 blocks to build. Since its mainly used as a web server, only the essential parts are included. [Source]

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