A DVD player that fits in your pocket? Yes, you’ll find that high-tech invention and more in this interesting feature.

Origami DVD Player

This Origami DVD Player concept uses a fully-flexible display technology (e-paper) to ensure maximum portability. When not in use, the screen folds up neatly back into the case. From the image, it looks to sport integrated speakers as well. No word yet on if this concept will go into production.

As a product, it woul d target the business traveler who wants a convenient way to watch DVD movies.


Transparent Toaster

This innovative “Transparent Toaster” concept uses special heating glass to warm a single slice of bread. Unfortunately, the glass does not reach a high enough temperature — at this time — to actually toast the bread. No word yet on if this concept will go into production. [Source]

REGEN – The Yo-Yo MP3 Player

Yes, the REGEN is a batteryless MP3 player that’s powered by the action of Yo-yoing. It can store up to 200 songs on its built-in hard drive. A touch screen LCD display allows you to control the player and view time/song information.

Start Yo-yoing around 10 -12 tosses and you are good to go. Dont worry about the headphones while you yo-yo as Bluetooth wireless headphones are included for your hearing pleasure

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Sony Data Tiles

We have seen the future of portable computing, and it’s data tiles. Tagged transparent tiles are used to show dynamic graphical information when placed on a sensor-enhanced display.

“I am interested in designing a new human computer interaction style for highly portable computers, that will be situation-aware and assistance-oriented rather than command oriented.” Jun Rekimoto, Director, Interaction Laboratory, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.


Nokia 888

Nokia’s remarkable 888 concept is ultrathin, lightweight, and very flexible. Powered by liquid battery, the 888 offers a touchscreen display.

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