Why go electric when you have jet power? These five devices demonstrate show just what kind of power turbines are capable of.

186+mph Jet Powered R/C Plane

File this under: “Cool R/C Gadgets” You may have seen other radio-controlled planes before, but not quite as fast as this one.

This plane must be a rush to fly. The music is a great match for the video


Swiss Man Takes to the Skies with Jetpack

Reuters reports that Yves Rossy from Switzerland is the first person to “gain altitude and maintain a stable, horizontal flight thanks to aerodynamic carbon foldable wings.”

The wings which have a 3 metre span have two kerosene-powered engines attached which propel the passenger

Jet-Powered Go Kart

This amazing jet-powered go kart sports a MK101 Solent Gas Turbine Starter that produces 70bhp and 140.1bft torque. Other specs include a custom-built high pressure fuel system, lightweight alloy wheels, and a “ZIP Bandid Long Circuit” chassis.

The engine was originally used on the Phantom Fighter aircraft as a self-contained starter unit for the main engines when ground support was not available. It is not designed to operate for more than 40 seconds at any one time, so we had to design elements such as the lubrication, fuel and cooling systems to allow for constant running

Y2K: Jet-Powered Motorcycle

The Y2K is “powered by a Rolls Royce Allison 250 series turboshaft engine, producing 238kW (320hp). This motorcycle has a recorded top speed of 227 mph (365 km/h), with a price tag of US$150,000.”

Jet-Powered VW Beetle

This monster is powered by two engines (original up front, jet in back) — spinning at up to 26,000 rpm/13,000 rpm idle — that produce an insane 1350 horsepower.

Jet-Powered Kayak

In this Top Gear segment, “Richard Hammond drives an incredibly fast Tom Cat rally car in Iceland and narrowly avoids disaster when he hits a rock during a race with a jet-powered kayak.” [Source]

Jet-Powered Scooter

Ron Patrick has gone the jet-powered route once again with this scooter — equipped with two JFS 100 jet engines for maximum power.

Engines are 50 lb each so weight is an issue. Will probably use air-start with a carbon fiber tank of compressed air. That saves weight since batteries will then not be needed. Looks cool from the top. Will want to make aluminum housings to go over the engines just like on a DC-9


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