We all need a break from work, whether it be blogging or crunching numbers, so our editors have decided to compile a list of funny signs you don’t see everyday. To start, the above sign wants you to know that there’s no diving allowed at the 0ft. depth. View them all after the break.

The Claw

Who doesn’t know about “The Claw”? Apparently, all cars must stop for those who possess it.

Concrete Diving

Nobody should be diving into a slab of concrete. So unless you’re looking to break a few bones or worse, this warning should be taken seriously.


If only all helpdesks were this helpful, the world would be a better place, or just full of people running around on fire.


Don’t you hate it when people just find the need to bang on every fence?

Beware of Suitcase

We’ve all seen it: businessman walking around with suitcase, gives unsuspecting toddler a face full of leather.

Like, “Whoa Stop”

Just in case you don’t see the “Stop”, the “Whoa” is there for added protection.