How about an iPod that stands 25ft. tall? That’s right, you’ll find that and more in this larger than life list.

Giant iPod

MacDailyNews managed to snap a picture of the world’s largest iPod — strangely powered by an iPod Shuffle — located in Columbus, Ohio.

Visitors walking down Third St. have been gawking at this thing for the past couple of days. The 25 ft. iPod is attached to the side of the Unizan Bank building across from the state house. Not only does it look like an iPod, but it actually plays music!. We chose some of our favorite local musicians that had submitted songs to the online jukebox and we added them to the ipod playlist


60-inch Subwoofer

For earth shattering bass you can’t beat this custom made 60-inch subwoofer which has the ability to produce SPL levels above 180 dB. This monster has ouput displacement comparable to 160+ ten-inch woofers!

The motor is capable of producing 6,000+ pounds of linear force, which is necessary when considering the very large surface area and displacement volume required to produce high SPL levels


World’s Largest Atari 2600 Controller

Mary Flanagan created this 9-foot tall Atari 2600 controller to focus “on the exploration of the cultural and sociological effects of technology”.

[giantJoystick] requires players to collaboratively ‘perform’ their movements in order to engage with the game and thus makes them acknowledge not only the notion of shared space but also the necessity for shared strategies and approaches in order to pursue their goal



You’ll find the world’s largest functional Blackberry at the Nextel store inside the Las Vegas Convention Center Monorail Station.

Say good-bye to Blackberry thumb and hello to Blackberry hand. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas


“Game Man” – World’s Largest GameBoy

Created by Jeff, the “Game Man” stands over 3-feet tall, weighs 100-pounds, and is fully functional — with the built-in cartridge that is. In the end, he spent around $500 building this monster.[Source]

World’s Largest Etch-A-Sketch

A video clip of the “World’s Largest Etch-A-Sketch” has now surfaced. SIGGRAPH 2006 members (3,000+) in attendance controlled this device using “two-sided paddles that signaled sensor cameras, letting one side of the audience control the right knob and the other side control the left knob.

HD Screen

At 50 feet high and 137 feet across, this HD screen by Daktronics is the largest of its kind — built inside Miami Dolphins stadium. It has an incredible 145.83 foot diagonal, which makes it a 1,750-inch display. [Source]