These days, it seems as if cameras keep getting smaller and/or slimmer, but what if their designers thought outside the box? We’ve looked around for some of the most creative examples, like the Canon Snap above, and present them to you after the jump. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Canon Snap

The Canon Snap is a tiny digital camera that can be worn on the finger, enabling users to snap pictures by pushing a conveniently placed button up top.

Sony Top

Unlike other digital cameras, this Sony concept allows users to take 360-degree panoramic photos by just spinning the device like a top


This two-piece camera is reversible, as in users can flip the viewfinder around to reveal a large LCD display. In addition to protecting the lens, it doubles as shield.

Nikon 360

Designer Yu Chen introduces the Nikon 360, a camera that features a bobbing, 360-degree rotatable lens. Plus, the camera also includes a microSD card slot and a motion sensor to maintain proper screen orientation.

Kodak 1881

At first glance, the Kodak 1881 may look like an amulet of sorts, but in reality, it’s a neck-worn digital camera. Flip open the device to review your photos on its dual displays.


Whether you’re in the mood for playing catch or snapping random pictures around the office, Triops should do the trick. Images can be taken at the push of a button or with hand gestures. Built-in wireless connectivity allows for easy file transfer.

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