Windows Vista may have the Flip 3D, but does it really push “the desktop metaphor with physics, piles and the pen.” Continue reading to see more.

BumpTop’s 3D Desktop

We have seen the future and it’s BumpTop’s 3D Desktop Prototype — “pushing the desktop metaphor with physics, piles and the pen”.


Metisse is basically “a windowing system, based on the X Window System.”

It is designed with two goals in mind. First, it should make it easy for HCI researchers to design and implement innovative window management techniques Second, it should conform to existing standards and be robust and efficient enough to be used on a daily basis, making it a suitable platform for the evaluation of the proposed techniques…a tool for creating new types of desktop environments


If you’re a Beryl user looking for an interesting plugin, then check out this nifty 3D window layer demonstration. More information here.

This plugin is the start of something great in beryl. Window distance was set a little high for demo purposes, but this plugin has great potential beyond eyecandy. No performance hit is seen, allowing a 1080p trailer to play in the background while running the capture