Many of us grew up watching the Transformer cartoons, and marveled at how ordinary items such as cars, cameras, etc. transformed into robots. Now check out a couple gadgets — and one robot — that actually transform, or so we think. Vote for your favorites after the jump.

WR-07 – A Real Transformer

We have seen the future and it’s the “WR-07”, a real transforming robot.

Transformer Table

What sets the Fletcher Capstan Table apart from other dinner tables is that it can expand “by 73%, growing from a capacity of 6 to 12 people in seconds.” Here’s what Mark Wilson has to say:

If Optimus Prime were built of 100% oak instead of that wussy metal of the future, this video would be a teaser for the new Michael Bay movie. Now, if only it had a place for the lasers…No word on pricing, but we have a feeling they aren’t sold at Target



Here’s a first: a window that transforms into a balcony at the push of a button, called the “BloomFrame”.

The revolutionary balcony Bloomframe is designed and patented by Hofman Dujardin Architects based in Amsterdam The Netherlands. The Research & Development department from Hurks geveltechniek based in Veldhoven The Netherlands turned the design concept into a spectacular functional prototype