Did you know they actually made a gun-operated alarm clock? That’s right, you’ll find that and more in this far-out feature.

Gun-Operated Alarm Clock

File this under: “Strange Alarm Clocks” This device “uses an old gaming light gun that has been retrofitted with a few tilt switches.” Here’s how it works:

So in addition to squeezing off a few rounds for some extra shut-eye in the morning the gun can also be angled and tilted to control other functions of the clock like setting the time and alarms

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Remote Control Wrangler

You’ll never lose another TV remote again, with the “Remote Control Wrangler”. This strange accessory is basically a cloth face mask that goes on your head.

I wouldn’t really define this as “wrangling” so much, because all this device does is attach the loose remotes to your face


Massaging Speakers

Created by Jacob Mathew, this weird stiletto-shaped speaker is part of his new “Soundsations” collection, which aims to “provide the music massage experience.” Here’s what Mark Wilson has to say:

I generally prefer my massage with actual massage and my wine with actual wine, along with my hearing with functional hearing. But speakers in my stilettos? Bring it


Spinning Disc CD Player

This strange gadget “simulates an electric table saw with your CD.” Unfortunately, no release date has yet been set.

If you’re still not quite enamored with online music stores like iTunes and prefer to get your music in hard copy format, here’s a ridiculous CD player design. They come with two other wooden walnut speakers, and have only three buttons for playback control


Zippo-Style Camera Lighter

At first glance, this may look like your typical Zippo lighter, but a 640 x 480 VGA camera is revealed when you flip the lid. Other perks include 64MB of built-in memory, USB connectivity, and a photo timer + continuous shooting functions.

Just plug one side of the cord into your camera, and the other into your USB port. The software then gives you the options of printing, formatting, cropping, archiving, and manipulating your photo