Why buy furniture when you can sketch your own? That’s right, that technology may not be too far off from becoming a reality. Hit the jump to view more future design technologies/gadgets.


“Milk” does a desk good, as you can see in this example. Designed by Soren Kjaer, it sports a built-in fish tank, storage boxes (for your iPod/gadgets), garbage bin, and even pen holders.

We also know you love your Macs so why not give back to your Mac this Valentine’s Day. Because to say this desk is compatible is an understatement. This is love. Inspired by the same desire for simple form and smart function


Auto-Filtering Water Bottle

Designed by Nick Poteracki, the “Filtering Water Bottle” concept has a built-in micro-filtration membrane, which purifies water from just about any source — in just seconds. Here’s how it works:

The user simply removes one of the lids by pressing the release buttons then adds water on top of the filter. The lid is replaced and the unit is flipped, beginning the filtration process. The filter sinks to the bottom, purifying as it goes. The user now pushes the inner circle on the top of the lid where there is visual feedback in the form of orange dots. This pivots the disc up on a central axis to reveal a backwash-resistant spout


Chocolate Box – Home Entertainment System in a Box

“Chocolate Box” is basically “an entertainment management system designed to offer intuitive ease of use.” Here’s how it works:

Each cube contained within the box can have content loaded on to them separately from the home computer via the internet. The user then simply places the cube into the port inside the box to activate that aspect of media, for example, video. Once activated, a blue LED on top of the cube glows, as does the LED on the touch-screen remote. The appropriate menu appears on the remote screen automatically and the viewing can then begin


Dell XCS

Designed by Matthew Ritter, the Dell XCS is a modular desktop concept that encapsulates its hardware components and conceals the circuit boards for a sleek futuristic look.

Each component is a modular and shaped so that it cannot be inserted into the wrong place. A number system was also developed to replace confusing specifications that are present on today’s software


Instant Mobile Phone

“Paper Says” is an eco-friendly (recyclable) instant mobile phone which aims to replace calling cards. It can also be branded with company logos and images.

Due to the paper folding character, you just tear the paper along the dotted line and the paper’s back you tore is the device for dialing. Combined with the character of paper and the image easy-carrying. “Paper says” satisfies the need to communication for travelers around the world and accomplishes the goal to communicate anytime anywhere


Taste DJ Kitchen

Liven up your kitchen with the “Taste DJ”. This high-tech countertop sports “two cooktops, a sink, and a built-in multimedia computer setup.”

You can spin rings on the outside of the burners that allow you to select ingredients to spray into whatever you’re cooking, including salt, pepper, and… MSG? Alrighty. The built-in computer is meant to be used for music, surfing the web for recipes, and talking to people via a “visual phone.”


Sketch Your Own Furniture

The Sketch Furniture Project by FRONT takes design to a whole new level by using motion capture to record pen strokes — sending that information to a computer afterwards.

This motion capture is finalized as a 3D image file and then sent through the Rapid Protyping process. A laser hardens liquid plastic 0.1mm at a time, and in a few hours you have a chair that will shock/impress

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