Sure, most of the new gadgets are high-tech and all, but how many of them actually come in handy when wasting the day or weekend watching TV. First up, is the “Lazy Teapot, which basically warms liquids to a preset temperature and pours without you even having to lift the pot. The next gadget, a self-stirring mug, is great for mixing hot cocoa on cold winter nights, while snuggling under a blanket. On the other hand…First picture in gallery.

On the other hand, licking melting ice cream off a cone isn’t my idea of fun either, so “Ice Cream Turner” is definitely something I’d use. After finishing up your ice cream, the last thing you want to do is fall asleep during commercials in the middle of an exciting American Gladiators episode — that’s when the “Easy-to-Solve Rubik’s Cube” comes into play. Lastly, we have the automatic lawn mower, making sure at least one chore gets done.