Our editors have come across some strange gadgets, and here are some that you definitely shouldn’t get caught using, or so we think. Continue reading for the list.

Booster Blades

Booster Blades could quite possibly be the most dangerous roller skate-type device ever.

Designed as a cross between a bicycle and inline skates, apparently you pedal more than you skate…and you look like a tool more than you do either


Wearable Seat

“Wear Your Seat” is basically a “semi-rigid padded cushion that’s shaped so that it conforms to your back and provides a comfortable place to sit no matter where you are.” Fortunately, it’s just a concept…for now. Here’s what Geekologie thinks:

The only people that would actually wear this in public are neon TMNT fans and people who hate themselves.

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Smoking Jacket

Forget the patch, get this nifty “Smoking Jacket”, which “has a built-in pair of lungs on the front — as the wearer smokes, the lungs fill up with the exhaled cigarette smoke and begin to gradually darken over time.”

This project was a result of exploring reflective design as it relates to the body, behavioral choices, and information displays


Toshiba’s Bubble Helmet

According to Toshiba, this strange Bubble Helmet “will give its wearer a 360-degree panorama when watching TV or playing games.”

With current gadget makers going for smaller and smaller devices, it seems odd for Toshiba to think people would want a 6.6-pound monstrosity giving them neck problems

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Remote Control Wrangler

You’ll never lose another TV remote again, with the “Remote Control Wrangler”. This strange accessory is basically a cloth face mask that goes on your head.

I wouldn’t really define this as “wrangling” so much, because all this device does is attach the loose remotes to your face



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