At one end of the spectrum, we have Rinspeed’s functional (albeit unsafe) eXasis. On the other, there’s the shattered glass Maserati which is downright dangerous — literally. Continue reading to see more. Click here for first picture in gallery.


File this under: “concept cars” Designed by Rinspeed, it comes equipped with a turbocharged 750cc 2-cylinder engine that produces 150hp, with a top speed of 130mph. A lightweight aluminum frame and transparent Makrolon (ultra durable plastic) shell — giving it a faux “glass” look — contribute to the vehicle’s 1653-pound weight.

Shattered Glass Maserati

Shrouded with over 1700-pounds of shattered glass, this Maserati Quattroporte is unique to say the least. It was created by Italian artist Lucas Pancrazzi. For those who missed its run at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, you’ll have to contact Lucas for an up-close look at this work of art.