A hearty breakfast, at least to me, is two slices of unburnt toast, eggs, and bacon. Most toasters are great at making golden brown slices, but what if there was a better (high-tech) way to make toast? Like with the Toast One (pics 1), a toaster with an integrated flipping system. At the push of a button, the toast slides onto your plate. Click here for the first picture in gallery.

Taking a more retro approach to design is “Toasty” (pics 2), which draws inspiration from the cassette-deck. While the “Hood Toaster” (pics 3/4), puts a new twist on the classic kitchen accessory. It functions similar to a conveyor belt, heating the toast as it slides through. Or what about the “Glide” (pics 5/6) toaster, designed to engage the user, and features a built-in toast dispenser.

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