Virtual Reality aka VR has been around for quite some time now and can be seen in movies, books, television, and even in hospitals. The Amiga 1000CS (1991), a stand-up HMD platform in which players used a tracked 3D joystick, was the first gaming system to use this technology. Four years later, Nintendo followed with the Virtual Boy, which was ultimately ahead of its time. Several VR-like game accessories were also released, which include the Nintendo Power Glove and Sega Activator. Will future game systems be built-into special visors or devices for a truly immersive gaming experience, without the need for a standalone display? These two companies have already made this a reality — continue reading.

Meta Mersion

MetaMersion is a “cutting-edge gaming platform designed to let you play your favorite PC-based game titles in a fully immersive, virtual reality environment.” Demonstration after the jump.

You “step inside” the game and move through the virtual landscape — just as you would do in the real world. You can: physically walk around; crouch and take cover behind virtual objects; shoot around corners; look up, down, and even behind you

Virtu Sphere

The VirtuSphere takes gaming to a whole new level, allowing users to walk inside a virtual space “while being totally immersed” — through the head-mounted display system. Built-in sensors detect movement and transmit that information to a linked computer. A special platform inside the sphere allows it to rotate in any direction as the user walks.

The VirtuSphere is currently the only technology in the world, which permits the user to move about in virtual space through the most natural movement of all – by walking.


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