Consumers may soon be able to customize their soda at the push of a button or use eggs that tell you when they’re ready. Continue reading to see more “smart” gadgets of the future.

Smart Egg

The “British Egg Information Service” has developed a new self-timing egg that tells you when it’s cooked — using heat-sensitive ink.

The egg has heat-sensitive ink that displays only when the correct temperature is reached, meaning when your egg is done. The eggs come in hard-boiled, medium, or soft varieties, meaning you have to buy the kind you want or else the ink is useless


Mitsubishi ZW: The “Smart” Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi has unveiled a new line of air conditioners that “come equipped with an infrared sensor unit called the “Human Sensor Move Eye,” which basically “acquires temperature data from about 500 segments” and only turns on when someone walks near.

In this manner, the new air conditioners locate humans, centralize the area of air conditioning to the location of a man and automatically switch to economic mode when no one is sensed inside the room which can easily save upto 50 % power


Blue Eye – The Interactive “Smart” Table

Blue Eye is a new “smart” table that “copies images of objects on its surface to a video display below [and] could improve brainstorm sessions, researchers say.” .

The Blue Eye table consists of a glass surface with a camera overhead and a projector and a mirror underneath. A user places an object on the glass surface and presses a button to copy it to the screen beneath. Once imported, the images can then easily be moved, stretched and even animated by a user


SmartRetina Computer Controller

Designed by Yaniv Steiner and Ofer Luft, the SmartRetina Computer Controller is a device that “tracks your movements to interact with a PC.”

With the SmartRetina hooked up to a PC, you can navigate the complex environs of your PC’s GUI without so much as touching a mouse. It’s supposed to bridge the language and age gap since anyone can point to an object while sitting in a chair


Programmable Soda

Take a soda bottle, add customizable flavor buttons, and what do you get? Ipfini’s “Programmable Liquid Container”. Each bottle is filled with carbonated sugar water and feature additive buttons on its side (aroma, flavor, color), which allow for up to 32 combinations of soda on the fly.

“Providing choice at the point of consumption creates tremendous advantages for the consumers as well as the manufacturer,” noted co-inventor Glenn Wachler.