Walking by billboards, posters, and other forms of advertisement may be normal, but what about full-color animated holograms?

Rain-Sensitive Billboard

Graphic artist Leo Burnett has created the world’s first rain-sensitive billboard for Max Factor cosmetics. Here’s how it works:

The pictured woman sports finely groomed eyelashes when kept dry, but rainy weather creates black runs akin to real life scenarios to presumably suggest that ladies should make haste in picking up the run-resistant flavor of makeup


Skyscraper Vista Ad

Finally, a Windows Vista advertisement that makes you go “wow”, or at least it did for us. This particular skyscraper is located in China.

Totally abandoning the idea of subtlety in advertising, Microsoft went all out to let people in Shanghai know that Vista has arrived, splashing “Windows Vista” on the 421-meter tall Jin Mao Tower. Yes, the whole tower

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Full-Color Animated Holograms

XYZ Imaging has developed the world’s first full-color animated hologram, “that not only appears in full vivid color, but also has a very realistic 3D effect and can even be made to playback up to 6 seconds of real-time video or animation as you walk past them.”

The holograms are front lit and are designed so that they maintain the same contrast and colors across a greater viewing angle unlike traditional holograms which usually have a ’sweet spot’ for the best effect


Interactive iPhone Advertisement

File this under: Creative Advertisements. Japan-based Catchyoo unveils their latest ad, which allows users to interact with a virtual iPhone using only their hands and feet.

Catchyoo is a Japanese company that makes interactive projection ads, and this is something they made for the Apple iPhone. It’s pretty crazy how sensitive it is


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