It’s not everyday that you see a “smile helmet” or “WiiHelm”. You’ll find that and more in this strange list.


The WiiHelm is a nifty accessory that “works great with all of your favorite Wii games and the included foot pedal allows easy button presses using minimal toe effort.”

Simply lock your existing Wiimote into the stylish white helmet and free your hands for relaxation… or other important tasks. After extensive scientific study it was found that manipulating muscles in your neck for 10 minutes uses 64% less energy than waving your arms about like a lunatic

Toshiba’s Video Helmet

This strange device “will give its wearer a 360-degree panorama when watching TV or playing games.”

With current gadget makers going for smaller and smaller devices, it seems odd for Toshiba to think people would want a 6.6-pound monstrosity giving them neck problems

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Smile Helmet

Tim Simpson has created a strange smile helmet that basically forces a grin. Here’s how it works:

A sensor in the front of the helmet detects anybody within a 2 metre range, at which point the mouth is pulled into a broad grin by a small servo motor and some concealed fishing wire. The helmet addresses the facades of social interaction and explores our responses to affected expressions