Even though there are many reasons not to buy Microsoft’s latest product (Windows Vista), they’ve come out with some decent products over the years, such as Windows 2000 and Office, but what if they designed the iPod’s packaging? Continue reading to find out.

Tommy Boy Parody

A group of top-level Microsoft execs — including Steve Ballmer — take us back to the Windows 2000 days with this Tommy Boy parody. Video after the jump.

Windows 2000 is classified as a hybrid kernel operating system, and its architecture is divided into two modes: user mode and kernel mode…designed to work with either uniprocessor or symmetric multi-processor (SMP) 32-bit Intel x86 computers


What if Microsoft Designed the iPod’s Packaging?

More is less in this case, you can’t even tell what’s actually inside the box after Microsoft’s makeover.

Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs

If Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were to ever be in a commercial together, we hope it’s as interesting as this clip.