These fanmade towers aren’t the first to be constructed, but they certainly are the tallest. From LEGO to filing cabinets, you’ll find them after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

LEGO Tower

A new LEGO tower in the UK has taken over the title of “world’s tallest”. Constructed using over 500,000 bricks, it towers 100-feet above LEGOLAND Windsor. The kids who visit the park helped built this massive structure, 20cm levels at a time — levels were stacked atop each other using a crane.


Filing Cabinet Tower

Standing 65-feet tall, this filing cabinet tower isn’t just for looks. In each drawer, you’ll find the parts of a dismantled MG sports car, sorted by weight (heaviest – lightest). However, getting the parts out is another story. It was created by artist Sam Yates.


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