Why throw away those one time use digital cameras/camcorders when you can just download all the data and reuse it?

Coke Machine

Justin Hazen shows us how to hack a Coke vending machine — basically 2-3 drinks for the price of one. Video after the jump. Here’s one tip from Justin:

Hold the door shut until the pops are touching each other. This will not work if the door has a chance to shut (between the two pops in this case) as soon as the door shuts the conveyor belt stops and the retracts leaving a pop bottle floating in the machine for the next guy who buys pop. Hopefully you can pull the first bottle out fast enough to get the second

Internet Cameras

FOX News recently aired a segment on “hacking internet cameras” and why users should always password protect their control interface.

9V Battery

This 9V battery hack that just might save the day when your MP3 player runs out of juice.

One Time Use Camcorders

“Kipkay” shows us how to hack one time use camcorders that are sold at CVS pharmacies nationwide, or on eBay.

Hack a one-time use Camcorder so you can use it over and over! Download the videos to your computer and use it again! This is small so it works well for a spy camera too

Multi-Region DVD Player Hack

This video shows us “how to access the secret menu on your DVD player so you can watch a DVD from any region in the world.”

Staples “EASY” Button

If you’ve got one of these “EASY” buttons from Staples laying around, then check out this interesting tutorial, which will show you how to “turn it into something more.”

Digital Camera

Learn how to hack a digital one-time use camera so you can use it more than just once.

Flashlight Cell Phone Charger

This tutorial shows us how to use a modified flash light to charge your cell phone.

Of course, hacking your flashlight to pull double duty as a manually powered charger is a bit more complex than just picking up a hamster or bicycle-powered option, but you’ve got to admit, crafting a makeshift charger with spliced cables and a soldering iron is totally MacGyver-approved


Laptop Battery

Is your old laptop battery not holding a charge? No worries, “Kipkay” shows us how to replace the lithium-ion batteries inside the battery pack — might not work for newer models.

Vinyl Record Dali Clock

This clip shows us how to make a cool Salvadore Dali Clock using an old vinyl record.