Though Nintendo never officially released a portable NES, GameCube, or N64, several modders decided to create their own versions. View all five after the break.

5. Gamecube-to-Go

We can’t really call this a portable Gamecube, but rather a decent looking system dock with an LCD screen. More information here.

After a month of on-off work, I’ve finished my handheld Gamecube. Calling it a Portable Gamecube is an [overstatement] because I’m still tethered to the wall and it is still bulky and heavy

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SNESGuy used a Model 1 (1992) SNES to construct his portable system. The “SNESp Mark II” includes a PSOne display, two player capability, battery meter, headphone jack, stereo speakers, external A/V input, and a custom vacuum formed case.

3. N64

Another Ben Heck creation, this portable N64 measures in at a hefty 9″ x 5.5″ x 2.5″ and utilizes a PSOne screen.

2. NES Micro

This custom made handheld is able to play all the old-school NES games that you grew up with. Other features include a 2.5″ display, volume control, and headphone jack. Powered by four AA batteries, you can take this thing anywhere. [Source]

1. Wii Laptop

Features include a 7-inch widescreen display, stereo speakers, Gamecube controller port, and an integrated sensor bar.

Ben Heck: “It’s the Wii laptop! We spent the last few weeks (including much time spent over the holidays evading relatives) slaving over this bad boy and finally it’s complete.”