Tired of playing Wii Sports? Then check out what some modders have created with the Wiimote. View them all after the break.

5. DJ WiiJ

DJ Shift shows us how he uses the Wiimote to control popular DJ software applications.

Since this is a new approach to DJing, the techniques are in its infant stage. Right now it is limited to mapping buttons on the Wiimote to control buttons on the software, but in the future the motion sensing might be able to play a part of it as well. The main advantage of this style of DJing is the wireless freedom and ability to control over 22 controls in the palms of your hands


4. WiigoBot: Wii Bowling Robot

Created by BattleBricks, the WiigoBot is a nifty LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot that plays Wii Bowling, and with precision. [Source]

3. Wiimote 3D Dome

Researchers at the University of Western Australia have developed an immersive 3D environment, using a Wiimote, MacBook Pro, and a dome.

Paul Bourke and his colleagues at the University of Western Australia found themselves with a cheap tool to fly through space simulations, cruise around a visual representation of supercomputer node activity, and even tour 360 degree VR maps of real world buildings


2. WiiBot

Two modders basically “took an industrial robot, strapped a tennis racket and a sword to it, and put it under the control of a WiiMote.”

This all started with the KR16 which is a industrial robot by Kuka. I wouldn’t want to be around that thing when it’s armed with a sword. We ran very light pattern recognition on the WiiMote, so it would copy our sword swings


1. Wiimote-Controlled Smarthome

This modder created a custom Flash-based UI that lets him “control the following aspects of my home: Lights, Thermostat, Security Camera, Music Playback, Cable DVR, and more.”