Face it, most pianos look boring and are technologically challenged, but these unusual designs aim to combine both art and technology — starting with the Hello Kitty baby grand piano (above). Continue reading to see them all. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Hello Kitty Baby Grand Piano

At just 3.6kg, this baby grand piano sports an SD card slot and 100 preloaded songs. Unfortunately, you’ll have to shell out $554 for this beauty.

The diminutive keys can also be tapped by hand, provided your fingers are disturbingly small


Virtual Piano

DID’s (Digital Information Development) portable virtual piano lets you turn any surface into a musical keyboard. It uses “a red semiconductor laser module and holographic optical element” to project “a 25-key 2-octave keyboard onto the surface in front of it.”

A CMOS camera module and infrared (invisible) red semiconductor laser module detect which keys are touched, and the corresponding notes are emitted from speakers built into the device. The keyboard has 3 other voices in addition to piano organ, pipe organ and harpsichord


Extreme Piano

This custom Korg Triton Extreme was fitted with dual monitors, a motorized cabinet, lots of LEDs, and a slew of other electronic parts.

Resourceful tinkerer “Proximasolaris” has put together a piano mod that would make even some Samic owners a bit envious


Schimmel Pegasus

Aside from its out of this world look, the Schimmel Pegasus grand piano features “over 200 strings under a total tension of 176,520 newtons, and a key assembly composed of 10,000 pieces.”

The Pegasus features a ergonomic curved keyboard that encompasses 7 1/4 octaves, a electrically operated hydraulic lid that allows you to control the specific amount of projection desired