You could either throw out your old Nintendo systems or give them a makeover, like these designers have. To start, we have the “SNES Wii” (pics 1/2/5). which is basically an SNES converted into a Wii-style system, complete with LEDs. Click here for the first picture in gallery.

Next, we have the “NEStation” (pics 3/4), which is one of the most unique console mods we’ve ever come across. A French modder painted his NES completely black with blue accents, created a custom vertical stand, installed four blue LEDs, and than carved in a PS2-style logo on its side.

Lastly, the “NES Controller DS” (pics 6/7) is sheer eye candy. A modder who goes by Hatrix gives the Nintendo DS a touch of retro NES flavor. An amazing feat of design, Hatrix took apart his entire DS, sanded off the paint, rubbed it down with a brasso, and carefully integrated the NES controller face logo.

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