EO Smart Connecting Car 2

The Flexible EO Smart Connecting Car 2 is a tiny transforming vehicle that can actually change its shape by compressing itself by having its body panels overlap each other. All four of its independently-powered wheels can turn 90°, becoming perpendicular to the car’s compact body, allowing you to drive sideways. Continue reading for a video of the first-generation model, and more information.

“So, what’s the ‘connecting’ part of the name about? That’s the part that really blew us away. These cars are designed to be linked with one another, in a long string like a train. From what we can gather, the vehicles are designed in such a way that one person can be the ‘master’ driver in control of the train, while other people become simply passengers who are free to read a newspaper, chat on the phone, or send IM-like messages to others in the train via the app,” according to Inhabitat.