You know what they say: “If you can’t learn to do something right, enjoy doing it poorly”. That phrase holds true with these funny and geeky Star Wars costumes. Continue reading to see them all.

1. Death Star

If the Death Star were to be destroyed and then reassembled as a costume, it still wouldn’t look as bad as this example. Maybe it’d be passable if he were able to freely move his arms and there wasn’t a huge gap in the middle.

2. AT-AT

While we applaud this person for creating an AT-AT Walker costume, seeing what’s actually going on and not getting hit by a car is another story.

3. Han Solo Frozen in Bronze Cardboard

Why risk getting permanently stuck in carbonite, when you can just create your very own Han Salo frozen in bronze cardboard costume? Just don’t try testing its durability by throwing punches and kicks.

4. Chewbacca

In the movies, Chewbacca was played by the 7’3″ Peter Mayhew. This guy may not be as tall, but he most certainly passes for a geeky version of the Wookiee.

5. Yodog

The Force may not be strong with this dog, but at least it looks like a mini version of the already small Yoda, complete with wrinkles and all — though still a long way from becoming a Jedi Master.

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