Geek and self-proclaimed “biohacker” Tim Cannon is the first human being to have a non-medical computer implanted inside his body. It’s called the Circadia 1.0, and this smartphone-sized computer was implanted in Tim’s forearm without the aid of anesthetic or even a licensed doctor. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Circadia 1.0 was designed to gather biometric data and transmit the information back to an Android-powered mobile device, making Tim Cannon the first Do-It-Yourself cyborg.

In the future, Cannon can envision his flesh-mounted computer serving as a biometric hub, communicating with his smart devices and connected home.

If he can pull that off, what has begun as a Frankenstein-esque marriage of flesh and sensors just might end up as the first integration of a human being into the internet of things.

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