It’s called “Watch Me Eat”, and this new online craze in Korea has geeky girls, like Park Seo-yeon, eating for 3-hours at a time in front of their online fans. That’s right, she cooks elaborate dishes, sets them in front of her webcam, begins eating, and then broadcasts her meals over the internet. Her fans tune in to chat with and send her a plethora virtual gifts, which can be converted into cash – approximately $9000USD per month. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

Here’s what Uproxx has to say: “Why do so many people tune in to watch one woman eat? Park says the show is for those who “can’t eat that much, or don’t want to eat food at night, or are on a diet.” Meanwhile, a viewer interviewed in the Reuters report says it’s more about the company. “It feels as if I am eating that much food with her. I think that’s what the show is about. And probably, it’s comforting for people who eat alone.”


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