Gunbus 410 World's Largest Motorcycle

Touted as the world’s largest running motorcycle, the Gunbus 410 measures in at a massive 11.6-feet long and 4.9-feet high. It’s been equipped with a 38-inch wheel up front, and a giant 42-inch wheel in the rear. The Gunbus tips the scales at 1433-pounds, and powered by a 6.7L twin-cylinder engine that generates 350-horsepower as well as 523 lb-ft of torque. One caveat: it costs $350,000. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

” Seat height is 31.5 inches and overall length is 136 inches. It is a little heavy at 1433 pounds so high speed corner carving might be an issue and there aren’t any photos of the big bike on the road so I guess we’ll have to wait for the road test, that is if someone can actually road test this monster. This is actually going to go into limited series production and a sidecar will be available as well which might help with balance when waiting at a light,” reports KneeSlider.