Homemade Airplane

Frantisek Hadrava, a 45-year-old locksmith from the Czech Republic, hated driving 14-minutes to work every day. So, he decided to build an airplane – based on the Mini-Max planes – to cut his commute time in half. “It takes me about 12-14 minutes by car. By plane, it would take around 4-5 minutes if I flew directly, but I take a bit of a detour so that I don’t disturb people early in the morning. So it takes about 7 minutes,” said Hadrava. Continue reading for another test flight video and more information.

“The 175-kilogram propeller airplane, named Vampira, is powered by a 3-cylinder engine, has a fuel consumption of 6 litres of petrol per hour and can reach a top speed of 91 km/h. Those are pretty impressive specks for a home-made plane that reportedly cost just 100,000 Czech Koruna ($4,150) to build,” reports Oddity Central.