Photo credit: Steve Hebert / Steve Hebert Photography

Eleven years and $4000 later, Larry Richardson finally completed his 150-foot replica of the Golden Gate in his backyard. What is even more surprising is that he only used a postcard for reference. It took 90-tons of concrete and a host of recycled materials, including suspender cables that were sourced from an old Boeing aircraft. Continue reading for a video and more information.

The City by the Bay has rolled out the red carpet for some unlikely VIP’s. A Kansas couple, who built a large replica of the Golden Gate Bridge, is visiting San Francisco for the first time. On Monday, Larry and Barbara Richardson flew in from their farm near Wichita to get a firsthand look at the real thing.

Larry Richardson actually caught a glimpse of the bridge 43 years ago when he was a 19-year-old soldier shipping out to Vietnam. He never forgot that sight. The Richardson’s have flown thousands of miles to see what the Bay Area takes for granted. But it’s going to be another two days before they get the grand bridge tour.

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