Many places have banned selfie sticks, but YouTube user Buddy Bolton took things into his own hands and clipped selfie sticks all over New York City with a hedge trimmer. So far, the dislikes far outnumber the likes on the video, and rightfully so. There’s some speculation that everything is staged, with each person featured being paid a set amount, and hopefully without a cracked display, or worse, a broken device. Continue reading for a video showing how to make your own selfie stick at home in case something like this happens.

Homemade selfie sticks could date back as early as 1925. A photo from that year shows a man taking a photograph of himself and his wife, with the aid of a long pole which is pointed towards the camera and out of frame. A device that could be considered an extensible selfie stick appeared in the 1969 Czechoslovak sci-fi film I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen, where one character holds a silver stick in front of herself and another character, smiles at the end of the stick as it produces a camera flash, and immediately unfurls a printed photograph of the pair from the stick’s handle.


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