Say goodbye to electric toothbrushes, and say hello to this innovative gadget. Called the “Blizzident”, this high-tech toothbrush is actually 3-D printed from a mold of your mouth and can purportedly “clean your teeth with the effectiveness of three minutes of traditional brushing in just six seconds.” Continue reading for a video and more information.

Brushing just 4 seconds longer with the Blizzident equals ca. 3 additional minutes brushing with your hand (and 2 minutes with your electric toothbrush). 10 Blizzident-seconds equal ca. 6 minutes brushing by hand.

Toothbrushing time is just ca. 6 seconds. Conventional brushing and flossing takes ca. 10 minutes per day. Blizzident brushing and flossing takes just about one minute per day. Thus you save about 50 hours per year – that’s more than a working week!