HoloLens by Microsoft is basically a futuristic headset with a transparent screen, enabling users to see the hologram in front of them while also seeing the real world a la augmented reality. Manipulating the holograms can be achieved through gestures and voice commands. Developers can use HoloStudio to 3D print the objects they’ve created in their holograms. NASA will be using HoloLens to view 3D holograms of Mars using images sent back by the rovers to let scientists feel as if they are walking on the Martian surface. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Forrester analyst James McQuivey says: “If successful, HoloLens will ultimately expand the way people interact with machines, just as the mouse-based interface did in the 1990s, and touch interfaces did after the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. HoloLens will expand the way brands interact with consumers forever more, working its way through industry after industry, much the way Web and mobile experiences did before it.”

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