Leo Grand may not have known the first thing about computer programming four months ago, but the 37-year-old man met a complete stranger who changed his life forever. Twenty-three-year-old programmer Patrick McConlogue offered Grand a choice between two months of coding lessons and $100 in cash, and as you may already know, he opted for the lessons. After countless hours of learning and 3,621 lines of code later, he has released his first mobile app. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Mashable reports that “the two began their lessons on Aug. 26. McConlogue provided Grand with a used Chromebook laptop and a few text books. The first two months consisted of outdoor lessons conducted on the city benches near Chelsea Piers, where Grand slept. After the hour-long lessons, McConlogue would head off to work, while Grand continued to review and practice what he learned until his computer’s battery died. Aided by one of his many friends in the area, Grand recharged the battery overnight at a nearby warehouse.”

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