Here are four ways on “how not to cook breakfast”, using gadgets. Which one is your favorite?

Cooking Eggs Xbox 360-Style

So you’ve learned how to cook breakfast on a MacBook, now we bring you “Cooking Eggs Xbox 360-Style”.

…it seems that you can’t cook an egg on a 360 simply by pouring it onto the toasty case; rather, you have to actually crack it open and get your breakfast on using the naked components…console’s heat sink being employed as the world’s nastiest cooking surface — and although the resulting eggs look absolutely revolting, that doesn’t stop the intrepid cinematographers from scraping them out with a fork to savor the flavor


Toaster Computer

In this first episode of “Hack the Toaster”, they attempt to “mod a computer into a toaster”.

The results are not very successful but it is funny. In later episodes they make other things such as a rotisserie unit from a computer monitor


Cooking Breakfast on a MacBook

Sagags shows us how to put your overheating MacBook to good use by cooking some eggs and warming a cup of coffee.

1. Get a macbook and turn it over so the screens over the edge of your desk/counter (shown in picture)
2. Run your favorite process intensive program to get it to heat up
3. Some tinfoil on uper left part of the laptops underside (the hottest part of the macbook
4. Put your cup of coffee on the power supply to keep it warm
5. Cook your egg on the tinfoil, it will take longer than normal
6. Enjoy your breakfast
7. Now you know the secret of the overheating notebook

PlayStation 3 Grill

That’s right, a group of modders decided to convert a brand new PlayStation 3 into a functional “George Foreman”-style grill — good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.