Like World of Warcraft, just turning on your computer and connecting to the internet leaves it vulnerable to many nasty threats, and more often than not, crashing. Continue reading to see how not to deal with the BSOD (Windows) and/or spinning beach ball (OS X).


The display and computer are off, it’s plugged in, yet nothing wants to work. So, you resort to calling the resident computer geeks over to help and it still gives you the cold shoulder. Next up, destroying the system.

2. Bad Day at the Printer

If your computer ever has problems communicating with the printer, it’s best not to rip your monitor out and attempt to photocopy it instead. Let’s just say everyone at the office was shocked to say the least.

3. Heavy Needs to Upgrade Internet

When Team Fortress 2’s Heavy isn’t battling enemies, he’s in the office working away. However, when he saw that downloading a PowerPoint 2010 document was going to take 3-hours, the computer got the worst of his rage.

4. It’s Not Plugged In

You can’t really pinpoint what’s causing your computer’s problems if it’s not even on. So, before you decide to toss it out of the window — like this guy, be sure to check all the plugs and wires.