Product demos are important for making a good first impression with consumers, but what happens when things go wrong? View two examples of how not to demonstrate a product after the jump.

Windows Vista Voice Recognition Gone Wrong

Windows Vista product manager Shanen Boettcher showcased the OS’s “Voice Recognition” technology at Microsoft’s 2006 Financial Analyst Meeting and it didn’t quite work as planned.

Several tries at making the computer understand the simple salutation “Dear Mom” was read by Microsoft software as “Dear Aunt, let’s set so double the killer delete select all.” Attempts to correct or undo or delete the error only deepened the mess

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Honda ASIMO Demo Gone Wrong

This is what companies like Honda don’t want to see happen during a product demonstration. For those who’ve seen ASIMO mishaps in-person, please leave us a comment.

FF to the 1-minute mark to see Honda’s ASIMO robot tumbling down some stairs like someone in the nosebleed seats sniped him with an EMP. If you look closely, you can see its featureless mirrored face shatter on the hard floor of the stage