HP Slate 17 A10 Android Tablet

The HP Slate 17 A10 is an Android tablet unlike any other, in that it offers a 17.3-inch display, and priced reasonably at $254.81 shipped. To make such a large display easier to handle, it features a stand on the back to prop it up, either near-upright or at a much lesser angle, designed for touchscreen gaming use. It’s powered by an Intel M-Celeron N2807 CPU, while 2GB of RAM should offer pretty good performance from Android. Get one here now. Continue reading for a video demonstration and more information.

Expand and share your mobile screen with dynamic wide-angle IPS viewing and bold audio radiating from the HP Slate 17-l010 3-in-1 Full HD touchscreen. Easily transform from a flat position to two tilted modes for gaming and media. More information.