Immortus Solar Car

Australia-based EVX has unveiled the Immortus Solar Car, which can hit 60mph in a respectable 7-seconds, top out at 90mph and cruise at 35mph all day, without needing to recharge. Its design is inspired by the world solar challenge racers, and uses a combination of built-in solar panels, an aerodynamic body, and a lightweight design to help achieve maximum efficiency while on the road. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Powered by two hub-mounted electric motors that generate 40kW and are fed by tiny 10kWh batteries (a Tesla Model S runs on 85kWh), the car’s curb weight is kept down to just 550kg. Instead of a carbon-fibre monocoque chassis, EVX will construct the Immortus using a tubular chassis space-frame � but instead of steel or aluminium, the firm has developed a technique that uses ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre tubing. Some of the parts used will also come from 3D printing,” according to Motoring.