Infento Constructible Rides

Tired of LEGO sets and want something more challenging? Infento Constructible Rides should do the trick. These kits allow you to build real vehicles, complete with multi-functional and adjustable parts, making it easy for you or your kids to upgrade their ride as time goes on. You can choose from 3 kits and 2 add-ons that let you build up to 18 different rides in all, using nothing more than a hex key – a perfect gift for aspiring engineers. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“All parts that were developed first had to comply with two crucial criteria. They needed to be super safe and they needed to be extremely durable. We only took the next step in development when they fulfilled these two demands. Every part can always be reused for another ride or structure. Year after year Infento material can be transformed into new shapes. Wouldn’t it be great if you could hand over your Kit to your grandson or granddaughter eventually? Well that’s exactly the goal we set for ourselves in terms of quality,” says its creators. Kickstarter page.


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