Forget special and / or limited edition CDs, Canada-based DJ Kid Koala “encourages fans to find their inner child with the toy-like creation which folds up to play a special disc coming along with the CD.” That’s right, after you assemble the turntable and attach a sewing pin, you’ll be able to scratch the disc like a real DJ would. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Kid Koala’s album, 12 bit blues, aims to take the music business back to basics – quite literally – encouraging fans to truly appreciate and engage with the music they are listening to. The fold-up cardboard kit comes complete with pin and gramophone as well as an instruction video showing the player in action.

The man behind the moniker, Eric San, writes on his website how his childhood dream was to have an E-mu SP-1200 sampler, but after working out that it would take an astronomical number of paper rounds (and around eight million newspapers delivered) he gave up on his dream.


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