360 Degree Swing

Inventor Colin Furze is back at it again, and his latest creation is definitely no slouch. This homemade 360° swing stands 18-feet tall and the main axle, which spins you around, measures a staggering 16-feet, 5-inches. “I put my feet between two pegs and hold onto the handle bars, then swing in the normal way, but once I get horizontal I have to lean my body forwards to help propel myself over the top of the frame. I was a bit nervous at first, especially as I’m not strapped in and only holding on with my arms, but it is great fun. It is quite physically demanding getting the swing to go high and it makes me feel sick if I go round too many times. Luckily the counter weight works well, which makes it easier for me to swing,” said Furze. Continue reading to watch two “making of” videos.

“Colin, who used to be a plumber, is renowned for the inventions he makes in his garage at home, including magnetic shoes, which helped him hang upside down from the ceiling. The self-taught engineer, who has a popular invention engineering channel on the Internet, has also made a hover bike and a jet bike and holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest pram and longest motorbike,” reports The Daily Mail.


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