Photo credit: DeviantART

Believe it or not, a man from Japan has auctioned off planet Earth for a cool $123-million. The starting bid “was a measly Y69 ($0.86), but since the auction went viral, the price has surged to Y9,889,899,888 ($123,000,000). Continue reading for a video and more information.

He lists our planet as “authentic” and warns bidders there is a “no return” policy on the item. So if you end up placing a bid and wind up owning the Earth and its inhabitants, you’re kind of stuck with us. You might feel tempted to post a prank bid on this, but the seller instructs all potential buyers to include a message expressing there serious intention to buy planet Earth, otherwise he will consider it a prank bid.

Here is part of the Q & A section on the auction for The Earth, on Yahoo Auctions, courtesy of RocketNews24:

  • Q: “I love cigars. Is it possible to sell off just Cuba as a special package item?”A: “Thank you for your question! After placing the winning bid, I think Havana can be moved to Saitama, Japan. Thank you for your interest.”
  • Q: “Is it possible to ship this via Altair? Thank you for your time.”A: “Thank you for your question! Because it would take 17 light years just for the bank transaction to complete, I think you should forget shipping. Thank you for your interest.”