Jet Capsule 2016

You may have seen the Jet Capsule before, but for 2016, the company has unveiled several new features, including a full carbon body. Priced from $150K, this craft can not only be equipped with a lightweight carbon Kevlar body, but also photochromic windows, a rooftop sundeck for passengers to sunbathe, full tablet controls on the inside, and even a racing-style driver’s seat. Continue reading for two more videos, pictures and information.

“It’s completely air conditioned and heated, and along with the seating, it contains tables and even a toilet. It will be offered with either a single or dual petrol and diesel engine setup, with a maximum achievable speed of 38 knots (44 mph). The craft can hold up to 12 passengers and one pilot, and it’s being touted as a personal watercraft or water taxi,” according to Hi Consumption.