Custom Portable N64

Sure, there’s third-party consoles, like the Hyperkin SupaBoy S, but for a truly portable N64, you’ll have to build it yourself, like these modders. First up, we have the JN64p, which was created by “Downing Basement”. “So this is a more basic system which does not include a breakout box which means this will be a strictly portable, single player system. It will include an expansion pak and built in memory card, but will be a much easier build on the whole not having to worry about the those additional features. All the rough 3D printed parts are done, so the case work can begin as soon as I have a few free minutes,” said its creator. Continue reading for more.

5. GBA Organizer N64

GBA Organizer N64

You know those cases used to store your Game Boy Advance, its games, and some accessories? Well, “Modded by Bacteria” managed to transform one into a functional portable N64. “System uses GBA Organizer case, 2 sets of Li-ion cells, charger, low LED circuit, N64 console board (with heatsinks and fan) and expansion pack, Everdrive64, official PSone screen, SuperPad64 controller. This system is PAL,” said Bacteria.

4. N64 Boy Micro

N64 Boy Micro

Touted as “the world’s smallest N64”, this console was built by Bob Flannery and definitely fits the bill. “From school records to world records, it’s amazing to see how it all turns out in the end. [There was] just the thought of making a portable Nintendo 64 when I was 12, to [actually] creating the world’s smallest Nintendo 64 Portable, at 19. There’s a feeling when you dream, its called hope, and it never dies,” said Flannery.

3. Bungle N64 Portable

Bungle N64 Portable

Designed to look like a giant N64 controller, Bungle’s N64 Portable features a PS One LCD display, a built-in rumble / memory pack with switch, two 7.4v 5000mAH batteries, a volume control, headphone jack, push-button on/off switch, an internal cartridge slot, and custom multi-function Pak plugs (A/C power adapter, battery charger, player 2 port, etc.). The case itself was made from poured plastic resin.

2. Slipstream 64

Slipstream 64

A more colorful take on custom portable consoles, the Slipstream 64 comes equipped with a 4.3-inch LCD screen, a directional pad as well as joystick control buttons from the original console, a GameCube-sourced joystick , audio input / output, S-Video output , an internal battery and an Expansion Pack port. The next best thing would probably be the original N64 console itself.

1. iNto64


Last, but not least, we have the sleek iNto64, which looks almost good enough to be an official console released by Nintendo. Like many of the others on this list, it boasts an official Sony PSone 5″ LCD screen, 4 amps of battery power that yields a little under 2.5- hours of continuous play time on a full charge, a SuperPad 64 Plus controller, Nintendo 64 console motherboard, a combined memory pack / rumble pack, an expansion pack, built-in speakers, all in a vacuum formed case that weighs in at under 1kg.

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