Keyless locks may be nothing new, but they’ve become more affordable than ever. Some advantages over traditional locks include the ability to log activity, add/remove keys without needing to re-key the lock cylinder, and precise access control. Whether it be a fingerprint reader or numeric keypad, GoKeyless has a model that fits your needs. Continue reading for more — post sponsored by GoKeyless.


Not limited to just home use, keyless access locks like the Kaba E-Plex E2031LL626 offer both high security and convenience. This particular model, an economical commercial lock, is bump key + pick proof, has a 100-user capacity, numeric keypad (4-8 PIN length) with fingertip programming, four security levels, and auto-locking. It’s powered by just 3AA batteries, which are good for 100,000 lock cycles before they need to be changed.

On the otherhand, if you’re looking for the best of the best, bar none, look no further than the Simplex 1000 mechanical keyless door lock. In addition to a heavy duty latchbolt with deadlocking plunger, it is vandal, bump key, and pick proof. It covers existing ASA 161 door holes, No wiring, software, batteries, computers, keys or cards are required during installation, or ever for that matter.

However, if electronic and mechanical looks don’t quite fit your needs, there’s always the fingerprint door locks, such as the Trinity 788. With support for 99 fingerprints, it offers wire-free operation and is ready-to-go out of box. You can switch between auto-lock and passage modes at the push of a button, as this model features PIN and key override modes as well.